Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This looks like a job for...

Superman has to be THE hardest hero to draw! Yeah yeah Spidey's got the webs and all but trying to pin down how I want to draw the big blue boyscout is a nearly impossible chore. So many great artists ,with varying styles, have done it so perfectly already ( Curt Swan, Gil Kane, John Byrne, Steve Rude, etc, etc) I can't seem to figure out what works with MY style.

For this drawing I tried to get a little bit of the shiny costume Lee Bermejo did so well in Lex Luthor Man of Steel, the raised shield from Superman Returns, with a little bit of the classic squint of the Fleischer cartoons.

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Anonymous said...

You know I bet Matt Edmondson would commission you to draw Superman for him...just lettin you know.