Thursday, September 28, 2006

American Splendor...and a signing! (with tons of links)

Here's the first batch of sketches of Harvey, Joyce and Danielle I did before I started any work on American Splendor #2. This'll be the last shameless plug for this one...well, until the trade comes out that is:)
Anyway, if you're in the St Louis area on Oct. 4 (that's the day it hits stands by the way) I'll be doing a signing at Star Clipper from 3-6pm. So be sure to stop on by and pick up Splendor or some other stuff I've worked on like Queen & Country or Capote in Kansas so I'm not just sitting there by myself checking out the other great stuff that hits stands that day like the first issues of Criminal and Doctor Strange.
It's a real honor to be signing at Star Clipper since it's the shop (even though it was at a different location at the time) where I first got the chance to meet some real live comic creators back when I was just a young pup. Great folks like Larry Marder, Steve Bissette, Colleen Doran, Don Simpson, and Dave Sim who was gracious enough to look at my portfolio out on the sidewalk of the store while he took a smoke break. It's probably one the my best memories of my childhood, and just one more event that helped to cement the notion that I just HAD to be a comic artist one day.
So be sure to swing by, and while I can't promise any dream confirming memories, I can at least send you home with a sketch or a signed comic under your arm. And if you check out my blog be sure to let me know. See ya there!

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