Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm in Playboy!

Here's my latest big news, everybody! I've got a panel, from the issue of Exteriminators I did awhile back with Simon Oliver, in a Playboy article! Okay so my art isn't even credited but it's still worth mentioning, right? Special thanks to Jason Aaron for pointing it out. You're a class act, sir!
So head on down to your nearest gas station or book store and pick yourself up a copy. Just look for the issue with a cylon's buttcrack on it:)


Anonymous said...

I'll just tell my girlfriend I got it for the Chris Samnee art! That excuse is bullet proof!

Chris Samnee said...

My panel is only like one inch square but there's also some Tony Shasteen(who's just all kinds of awesome) and a full page by Dave McKean to help seal the deal.