Friday, March 30, 2007

Phantom Stranger

I almost dressed up as the Phantom Stranger one year for Halloween when I was a kid, because I got a really cool hand-me-down suit, but I couldn't convince my mom to waste her time making the cape. Instead I spent a couple bucks on an old yellow fedora, borrowed one of my Grandpa's red ties and went as Dick Tracy. Probably the better costume in the long run since I could never really figure out if the Stranger wore a mask or not:)

This was actually a fun way to spend twenty minutes or so just doodling this morning to warm up. If anybody has any requests maybe I can do these quick little sketches more often ,and I won't have to subject everybody to scans of old stuff all the time.

Have a nice weekend, folks!


laura said...

I request that you post a picture of you dressed as Dick Tracy when you were a kid. :)

Chris Samnee said..., I said I was trying not to post old stuff. And that is most definitely old.

Maybe I'll post the one of me at age 5 in my Superman costume and my red Member's Only jacket "cape" one day though.

Luke Buchanan said...

Nice Chris, very nice. Hey Chris I haven't seen an announcement on what you're working on. Any chance of you letting us know? Oh, and I'd like to see you draw Nightwing.

Luke Buchanan said...

Nice Chris, very nice. Chris, what are you currently working on. I remember asking some months back, but you couldn't talk about it then. If you're taking requests I'd like to see you do Nightwing.

Anonymous said...

How about some Queen & Country stuff? Pretty please? And yes, lets see some Dick Tracey and superman too!

Hart1000 said...

I LIKE!!!!

PS is the bomb!!!

- hart

Chris Samnee said...

Hey Luke!

I don't know why it took so long for your posts to show up...weird, huh? Anyway, I'll be talking your ear off about what I'm working on shortly. Hang in there just a little while longer.
Nightwing? Awesome, I'll try to have one up tomorrow.

Hey Hartcactus!
I've pretty much posted all the Q&C stuff I've got sittin' around but I'll see if I can find anything else/work something up. Keep checkin' back, yeah?
Hartcactus, is the bomb!:)