Thursday, July 12, 2007

Power Man Iron Fist and a Werewolf

Here's the last of my sketches from Heroes Con. Thanks for hanging in there, folks. Brian Hurtt handled Power Man and I did the Iron Fist, Laura laughed at his little balerina slippers by the way, but I honestly can't blame her:)
The werewolf was the second thing I did all weekend...and I like his fur. In my mind Wolfman wears cut-offs 'cause he's a never-nude.


Zack Smith said...

What?! No Strong Sad?! You're LESS ALIVE to me, sir! (>:

Excellent Wolfman -- great detail and a nice, humanoid look. I'm trying to think of a MONSTER SQUAD joke here...

Craig Zablo said...

The Wolfman is NOW your best post ever!