Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mid-Ohio: Guy Gardner

Aaaand here's my last scan from Mid-Ohio with my favorite Green Lantern, Guy Gardner.
Sure it's a teeny tiny scan but that's all we've got, okay?
Also, if anyone else has a scan, or even a photo, of my sketches from the show would you mind passing 'em my way? I'm only two away from having scans of 'em all and the collector in me just HAS to have a complete set:). Oh, and thanks again to Adam.

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Anonymous said...

Chris -

Sorry it took me so long to get around to seeing this. If you want a better scan of Guy, please go to comicartfans.com. He should be there under your name, or you can look it up under Adam Hauenstein.

And, thanks, btw, you really did a terrific job on this. Sorry that I missed you that day!