Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Big News of the DDay!

As was mentioned in the "Next Big Thing" interview yesterday for Marvel.com, the talented Paolo Rivera is leaving Daredevil and instead of finding a replacement for him, I will be the sole, full-time artist on Daredevil!!!

Paolo gave his reasons for leaving the book in a really nice post on his blog and I wish him all the best on his post DD work. 

I hope those of you that came to the book because of Marco's and Paolo's beautiful artwork stick around to see what Mark and I have cooking for you.  I'm having a blast on this book, and I hope it's showing in my pages.

You can read the see the full interview here at Marvel.com's liveblog (or a number of other places like Newsarama, CBR, IGN, MTVNews etc.)
Ifanboy seems to have all the info, as well as a preview of B&W pages from DD#15.

OKAY!! Back to the drawing board with me. This horn head ain't gonna draw himself : )

Oh, and yes I'm still drawing the Rocketeer mini... and packing up the house for another cross-country move. This time with a 10 month old. Yes, I'm apparently a glutton for punishment.


Chris Davison said...

Congratulations. That's fantastic news.

I love Paulo's work, but I am looking forward to seeing full time Samnee on DD.

Benny said...

Great news! Congratulations!

RDB said...

Great news ! I love your work on "DD" and I have no doubts the serie continues to rock.
I'll also wait for your issues of "Rocketeer".
In fact, I believe (and I think I'm not the only one to think that) you're on the way to be THE artist of 2012 !

Eric! said...

YES!! The first time I found your work was with the DD/Tarantula issue you did. Let's hope for a nice long run on DD!

Now, about those Lunch notes ;)

Matt Spatola said...

Congrats Chris on this great opportunity!

Scott Kowalchuk said...

Ah, congrats, Chris! You're a good man and a terrific artist! Here's hoping to a Mazzucchelli length run!

SiFraser said...

That's goods news. I might just be forced to keep buying that book now.
BTW if you're looking for studio space in NYC at any point ( short or long term ), get in touch. We're not exactly Periscope, but we do pretty well for Brooklyn.

Matt Wieringo said...

Wow. Congratulations. That's great/sad news. If we had to lose Paulo Rivera, I'm so glad we're getting you full time! A classy exit and a classy entrance. Good luck to both of you.

RAY DILLON said...

Congratulations, dude! That's awesome!


RAY DILLON said...

Congats, dude! That's awesome!