Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So a while back Laura and I made it out to Kansas City for the Mo-Kan Comics Conspiracy show where we got a chance to hang out with a bunch of great creators and super-cool fans. It was a total blast! Easily one of the most fun cons I've had the pleasure of being behind the table at, and it's all thanks to the great creators who made it out like Ed Brubaker, B. Clay Moore, Andy Kuhn, Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Brook Turner, Tony Moore, Cullen Bunn, and Brian Hurtt (who all made me feel like one of the cool kids) and all the fine comic fans who took the time to come by the table and chat with me a bit or pick up a sketch or a comic.

So here's a few sketches I did while at the show that some folks were nice enough to scan in for me. If anyone else has a scan of one of my doodles handy drop me a line and I'll stick it up here on the blog and I'll email you a no-prize. Thanks everybody! Oh, and a special thanks to Greg and Cho for havin' us out. Cheers!

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