Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I get my stitches out today, woo-hoo!!
Oh, and this is another one of those things I sent out to NY comicon with the Around Comics guys for the Hero Initiative.


wordballoon said...

Hey Chris Hope your hand is better.
Thanks again for the amazing SHADOW you did for me.

It's fan freakin tastic.

John Siuntres

Cullen Bunn said...

Hey, Chris. I jut wanted to say how much I LOVE your site. I visit it every chance I get.

The Hulk pic rocks, by the way. You should do a rear view from which you can see he's dragging along a wooden duckie. I had a tee shirt like that when I was a cub.

You pal,



Chris Samnee said...

Hey John, it's the least I could do to say thanks for all the hours of great, free entertainment I've gotten from Wordballoon and your appearances on AC and my hand's all good now and I'm back to long hours at my table.

Cullen, you so crazy!