Thursday, September 27, 2007


No art today, hard at work on the funnybooks Here's a picture of me (in all my deadline bearded scruffiness) and my art assistant Scout to prove it.


Anonymous said...

Wow man. You grow a full beard around your chin and mouth area. I'm really jealous. I can't grow the connectors from the moustache to the chin beard. I squeez really hard but they never seem to pop out. You didn't have a beard at Chicago if I remember right. That is some pretty quick growth as well. That sir, is something to be proud of.


Chris Samnee said...

Oh Chad... I thought I'd get a comment on how cute my cat is but you surprised us all with musings on my scruff. Genious. I laughed out loud (not LOL mind you) when I read this.
Thanks, sir.

Anonymous said...

woah...beautiful ic! it talk about hard work and good cuddling! :)
Hi, I'm Elisa