Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey everybody, I'll be at the MO-KAN Comics Conspiracy show this weekend selling some of my funnybooks, doing sketches (B&W 9x12 is $40 at the show, by the way) and chattin' about nerd stuff with as many folks as I can in two days.

So come on out if you happen to be in the area and meet some great comic creators, pick up some fun toys or dig through the quarter bins (if I'm not at my table you'll probably find me hunkered over those by the way) or meet the guy who played Flounder in Animal House if that's more your thing.


Seth said...

They have the stuff my mom threw out.

Those bastards! Give me back my old converse with the duct tape on 'em!

Chris Samnee said...

I tried to track down your shoes, but unless yours had glittery Wonder Woman laces I don't think I found 'em.