Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Last Minute Plea for Pre-Orders (and some cover art)

If you're headed to your comic shop today, please remember that pre-orders for Thor: The Mighty Avenger are due soon. You can now pre-order issues 1 & 2, both of which will be out in July. Don't forget I've got a contest planned for you guys & gals that pick up the book the day it comes out! I truly appreciate those of you who are excited about this book and supporting it with pre-orders! I promise we've got lots of fun stuff planned for you.

Below is the inked cover for issue #4! Can you feel the love?


Alan said...

This cover-art is special. Facial expressions are priceless

Matt W. said...

I agree with Alan; you really have some strong characterization going on here. Your Volstagg is always brilliant, and that indulgent/bemused look on Thor's face says it all. Here's hoping that the new book is a huge hit.