Thursday, February 02, 2012

Angel & Faith #10 (out in May!)

I guess since yesterday was such a slow news day, Dark Horse decided to let it slip that I'll be doing an issue of Angel & Faith (#10 to be exact) that'll be out in May. I've had a couple cracks at the Serenity/Firefly universe over the past couple years but this'll be my first time working in the "Buffyverse" and it's been a dream come true. AND I get to reunite with my pal, and collaborator on Area Ten, Christos N. Gage to boot!!! Man oh man. What a lucky jerk I am : )

Above are a couple sketches of the title characters :D Hope you all pick it up. Chris has written a really, really fun script and I'm having a blast drawing it.


Benny said...

I'll be sure to buy this book!

Eric! said...

Awesome, can't wait!! Now put down the Romita book and get back to work ; )

Robert in New Orleans said...

Sounds like a great gig! It'll be my first dip into the comic book Buffyverse, too.

JohnPopa said...

I knew getting that Angel sketch from you a couple years back was a sign of things to come!