Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Universal Retirement Community

Every year I like to send a funny little drawing to the folks at the San Diego Comic Con in hopes of getting it published in their souvenir book. It was my wife's idea originally to do these drawings in a cartoony squat style. Since the first one I sent in was a "super hero sleepover" that's what we usually call these, even if they don't have any super heroes in them. This is for the 75th anniversary of Universal Monsters and it was Laura's idea this time to have Dracula's teeth in the glass, Frankenstein's monster to have these hiked-up pants, and to have all of the creatures in a retirement home. I think it's a lot better than my idea of the Dick Tracy rogues gallery in a kiddie pool.


Anonymous said...

I like the tennis balls on the walker. Classic in my book. What time is your signing on Saturday? Give me call and let me know...

Anonymous said...

Heheh.. that's cool.

Thanks for the Batman sketch.
It was great meeting you this past Sunday.
I'm really enjoying Capote in Kansas.


monkey said...

that laura. :) gotta love 'er.