Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bad spy!

I usually listen to seasons of TV shows while I work on comics at my desk. You'd think it'd be counter productive but I just like to have the background noise. Anyway until a week or so ago I was trying to have an Alias marathon while finishing up my second ish of Q&C but I was afraid if I heard "Rambaldi" one more time I'd freak out and never finish what I was working on. If you've never *seen* Alias I highly recommend it, just not all the seasons in a row:)

Anyway, I thought this could make a neat image in B&W with only her not so super-spy red hair in color. It's not 100% since I think her left hand looks a little wonky and the likeness isn't dead on but I think it's at least blog worthy instead of corner of my studio doodle pile worthy.

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