Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kong, and some news

Today I had King Kong playing on the DVD player in my office for background noise and couldn't help doing this quick sketch between inking pages. Also if anyone is interested, yes I loved the Peter Jackson Kong! I love all things Kong(well...Son of Kong is just ok).

I've also got a few bits of news today! I've been nominated for the Russ Manning award!!! I found out a while back and that's what helped inspire the Magnus drawing, if you've been keeping up with my wee little blog thingy. It's such an honor just to be nominated, and to have my name in print anywhere near Russ Manning's is just surreal. I mean he's one of my heroes and I've been nominated for an award in honor of him..... wow.

Also, I'm doing an issue of the Exterminators for DC/Vertigo which'll be on stands August 2nd. But don't wait for my ish go out and pick up the five issues that are out now, or grab the
Bug Brothers trade. Simon Oliver and Tony Moore make a perfect team and I'm honored to have an issue squeezed in between all of theirs.


Michael Cho said...

Hey Chris,

Congrats on the Russ Manning nomination! Your work is really deserving of the honour -- and I can see a hint of that classic Russ Manning style in your work too. Congrats again.

P.S. Great Kong!

P.P.S. And you know that Iron Man ROCKS!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that Kong piece is awesome!!

Chris Samnee said...

Gosh, thanks everybody! Keep your fingers crossed for me come Comic-Con,eh?