Wednesday, March 21, 2007

HB's B-Day

Here's another drawing for the San Diego Comicon Souvenir book. This is the one that actually saw print back in '04. To see the one that didn't you can click here. (I sent two so that I'd have a better chance of makin' it into the book. Ain't I clever;))

And if you're wondering why the likes of Zot, Cerebus, Concrete, Batman, Nexus and the Spirit are at Hellboy's birthday, it was just an excuse to draw some more of my favorite characters.
In silhouette in the back are even more if you look hard enough.


Anonymous said...

Nice illustration!

Love your take on these great characters and your fantastic linework.

Also been enjoying your run on Queen & Country. When is the next issue due out? Can't wait to see how Tara and Nick get out of this one...


Chris Samnee said...

Hey, thanks so much Dan!

Yeah, the next issue of Q&C is going to be great. I think you be pleasantly surprised...hey WAIT, is this the Dan Christensen that did Red Hands? If so, I really dig your work...if not um, I dig the work of a guy who has the same name as you:)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that would be me... but wow! How'd you get a copy of Red Hands? Thanks for the compliment, Chris, I'm glad you liked the book.

I'm sure the next issue of Q&C is going to be great. I'd hate to be in those terrorists' shoes when Tara gets her hands free...