Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Before... and After

Here's the pencils and inks to one of my favorite pages from Queen & Country #32.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I love how you imply that Paul Crocker pretty much works in a room full of nicotine haze. That's how I always pictured his office. You could get cancer just by having a meeting with him!

Unknown said...

Ja! Alex is right!

8 panels for a simple scene! GREAT!
looks like a Noir film...Beautiful

Chris Samnee said...


Seth said...

Man, I'd love to ink that!
Do you always pencil like that, or did you just clean it up for posting?

Chris Samnee said...

Hey Seth!
It really depends on how good a picture I have in my head of the page.
With this one, since it had 8 panels, I needed to get all the information possible across in my marker rough, and then I just lightboxed it. Since the "rough" was already pretty tight the pencils came out looking a lot more polished than most of my pages.