Monday, May 18, 2009

Contest - Summer Con Print Idea!

It's contest time again! Since you guys were full of so many great ideas for my Name a Theme Week Contest, I thought I would turn to you for suggestions for a print that I will sell at the summer conventions.  I'll pick my favorite suggestion and turn it into an 11 X 17 print.  Winner will receive one signed copy of the print.  Rules are:

1. The character(s) you suggest MUST be in the public domain.

2. Print will consist of no more than two characters, so please don't suggest more than that.

3. You may enter as many suggestions as you wish, but serious suggestions only please!

4. Entries should be left as comments to this post.  

5. Contest closes Friday, May 22nd, 2009 at 11:59 p.m.  

Winner and print artwork will be posted here next week.  Good Luck!


Momar Van Der Camp said...

Color me interested. So public domain as in the old school Daredevil and all those guys. Hmm, I am going to find something worthwhile and knock your socks off. Does it have to be comics related?

Fred said...

My first thought was to go with a Count Dracula/Frankenstein piece. Your use of shadowing is stellar and would ensure that this print literally jumps off of the table at con attendees and also features to immediately identifiable characters that would draw people's attention to your work. It'd be an amazing piece and would be a nice way to get your name out there even more!

Fred said...

Tarzan and an ape in a jungle setting would run neck-in-neck as my top choice and recommendation for your print choice! Again, shadowing, foliage, etc.... right up your alley!

Doctor Fantastic said...

Chris, I think you should draw Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. You could draw them playing chess! Or maybe a tasteful montage of images that includes a profile shot of Einstein and a bust of Tesla. . . other images that would fit into the composition would include a Tesla coil, plenty of electricity, and physics equations on a chalkboard.

Ryan Schrodt said...

I'm just going to be obnoxious and make a list of suggestions:

1) Hamlet
2) Odysseus and the Cyclops
3) Sherlock Holmes and Watson
4) Dorian Grey w/ Painting
5) Ahab and the White Whale
6) Peter Pan and Captain Hook
7) Robin Hood and Maid Marian
8) Arthur and Merlin
9) Don Quixote

That is probably enough for now. My English degree nerdiness is showing.

Unknown said...

My first thought was King Arthur and Gwen (I have no idea how to spell her full name). Certainly Merlin and Lancelot would be cool too.

Unknown said...

Hey, since Ryan already said King Arthur, how about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn?

Jason Folkes said...

Is Conan still public domain? cause that would be awesome!
you could also go with your take on The Grim Reaper...
Would love to see Night of the living Dead...Big Foot or the Chupacabra...
or for the kids you could go Wizard of OZ or Popeye

The Missinglink said...

A 40's Noir piece with a Femme Fatale and Private eye.

Jason Folkes said...

Capt.Nemo and Giant Squid
3 Musketeers...or just 2 of them
Long John Silver and a Pirate,Yar!
Mighty Samson...
Uncle Sam and Obama...

Anonymous said...

The American Crusader
Queequeg and Ishmael
The Invisible Man

Craig Zablo said...

The first thought that came to my head was King Ko..., er, a giant ape! Apes always sell. You could even through in a hot chick. Well, it is the jungle after all.

The second thought was Wolfman fighting either Dracula or Frankenstein.

Unknown said...

How about Merlin and Albert Einstein playing chess?

Brian Jones said...

How about 50's sci-fi you know like a giant Preying Mantis or Spider terrorizing a town or the military? Or some 50's alien monster? You could even make the print look like a movie poster or better yet a drive-in double feature.

Eric! said...

Sherlock vs. Dracula - the original detective vs. the original bat man.

Nick said...

I agree with Brian Jones. A '50s sci-fi themed print would kick butt!

Dan said...

I'm not sure if "Manos the Hands of Fate" is public domain or not..but a scene with the Master and Torgo would be sweet...albeit a bit obscure.

Sort of in the same vein as Torgo, perhaps a Satyr and Nymph thing?

Would really like to see something with with a trident and a net..and the other with whatever. Just gotta have that trident and net in there.

Jekyll and Hyde might be a good way to go..maybe a nice mirror thing. With the Keanu movie coming up, it could be cool (of course there's also the 50 cent movie as well, but I'll move on). Speaking of horror, if you do dracula, can I suggest it be something like the likeness from Nosferatu? Nice and creepy.

I think big stone guys are always insanely cool. Something with fighting statues or a golem would be great. Maybe a minotaur or gorgon?

Sorry for the jumble of ideas, I just really dig your work and can think of so many things it would be cool to see you do!

Dan said...

One more quick comment - if you do end up doing something horror themed, it would be cool if it had the feel of an old EC terror cover or something of that nature.

If you go for a western thing (I see that the old western Ghost Rider is public domain) it would be cool if it looked like an old Kid Colt cover.

Retro is fun.

PS - Rumpelstiltskin or some other sinister fairy tale might be good fodder.

Anonymous said...

hey chris!

just wanted to throw my hat in the ring with a few thoughts. my suggestions include:

1) invincible & atom eve (because they rock)
2) wolverine (in honor of his movie this summer)
3) snake eyes & storm shadow (also in honor of the upcoming movie)
4) the flash (because of the flash: rebirth event)

-andy v.

Momar Van Der Camp said...

Zorro vs Frankenstein.
Frankenstein vs Frankenstein's Monster.
Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula (I agree with that one).
More to follow.

Dave Jones said...

1. Popeye vs Bluto!! (I think they're public domain as of 1/1/09)

2. J. Wellington Wimpy with a stack of Hamburgers with Olive Oyl looking on in horror!

3. Knights of the Round Table - Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad or throw in King Arthur vs Lancelot...

4. Robin Hood and Friar Tuck!

5. Beowulf and Grendel

6. Beowulf and the dragon

Doctor Fantastic said...

Allan Quartermain and Mina Murray!

Doctor Fantastic said...

How about a real hero? Steve Irwin. Preferably wrestling an alligator.

erica said...

I'm glad you're considering doing a print for the summer conventions.

I'd suggest:

Nightwing vs. Gatman (gun totting Jason Todd as Batman) - Batman: Battle For The Cowl


Nightwing vs. Azrael - Azrael: BFTC


I'd like to see you do a print with Nightwing and incorporate the Batman Cowl in it especially if BFTC concludes with Nightwing becoming the new Batman


With the new JL: Cry for Justice book and team coming out this summer, I think a Green Latern (Hal Jordon) and Green Arrow print would sell well. Plus it would look crazy awesome with some green coloring and your inks!


Wolverine/X-23 print


Wolverine/Deadpool might be cool! That might be really cool!

The print you did for Acme FCBD was outstanding. I'm excited to see what you come up with next!!

Jason Folkes said...

King Tut and a Mummy...
David and Goliath...
Gumbi and Pokey...
Under-dog...Top-cat...Mighty Mouse

Ryan Schrodt said...

It's really too bad that To Kill a Mockingbird isn't in the public domain and won't be for a long time, as I'd love to see your take on Atticus.

How about Joan of Arc? I think there is a ton you could do with her...

I think that is my favorite idea that I've posted, other than Holmes and Watson.

Ryan Schrodt said...

It doesn't look my last post took...weird.

Anyway, I was thinking Joan of Arc, maybe? You could do some amazing stuff with that.

That is my favorite idea that I've posted (other than Holmes and Watson).

Doug said...

Not sure if it's suggested yet, but what about John Carter of Mars?

Most of the Lovecraft stuff is open as well, so a Cthulhu would be creepy and cool. Pit him against Santa Claus would be funny. Or heck Cthulhu AS Santa Claus.

Or maybe a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

How about old snake-head herself MEDUSA. (Would be funny to show her battling Daredevil or The Thing since her powers wouldn't work, but you wanted public domain peeps, so my suggestion is just her)

Patman said...

Dejah Thoris and John Carter of Mars (if they are public domain now).

Matt said...

I missed out on the whole comment section before, but I wanted to suggest Snow White and Rose Red from Fables.

I know all of those characters are in public domain, because DC couldn't use Peter Pan because he isn't in public domain.

Anyways, that what I got.

Scotty Don't said...

I'm going to say Sherlock Holmes ... and ... Watson if you're wanting to have a calmer image and Moriarty if you're looking for a confrontational image.

I think that your rendition of these characters would be pretty awesome.

Momar Van Der Camp said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned it, but Uncle Sam. Something patriotic. For the summer conventions, something like that might make for a fantastic print and really show off your talents. Especially a colorful ass July 4th spread. I'd buy one.

Hell, I'd buy one regardless of who gets on it.

Here is my full list of suggestions:

2. Captain Future
3. Aladdin
4. Big Bad Wolf
5. Alice in Wonderland and associated characters
6. Captain Hook vs Captain Nemo
7. Cthulhu
8. Scrooge
9. Jekyll and Hyde
10. Dracula
11. John Carter of Mars
12. Jack and the Beanstalk
13. Huck and Tom
14. Skyman

But if I had to pick, I'd say Uncle Sam, Airboy, Capt Nemo with Little Nemo vs Capt Hook with Peter Pan, or any of the above suggestions.

A lot of really good suggestions can be found here. A lot of people have some good thoughts. Good luck choosing Chris.

Jim said...


How about a Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper sketch? I think it'd be cool to have a meeting of a fictional detective and arguably the world's most elusive criminal. Back up idea: Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft sitting on a sofa together watching Teletubbies.

Jason Folkes said...

How about some Samnee originals...

Bluejacket or Lunchnotes!!!
i would buy both of these print ideas and would pimp a lunchnotes t-shirt with the quickness!!!

Ryan Schrodt said...

You know, come to think about it, you do such a great job with shadows, I think you could do something pretty awesome with Kipling's Jungle Book characters.

I would also love to see you do something in the vein general mythological action--something Harryhausen-esque, maybe?

Your comic work has been mostly realistic stuff, so it would be cool to see you branch out into something a bit crazier.

laura said...

Yes! Lunchnotes prints, t-shirts, plushes, folders, underwear . . .

Justin Vandemark said...

A Wally Wood-esque EC inspired horror or sci-fi print. Scantily clad damsel in distress being attacked by swamp monster, alien, giant robot, etc. etc.
Scantily clad woman + horror = lots of prints being sold