Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Confounded by Fantasy

One of these sketches is of a character from the movie Legend, I believe, and may be a man or a woman... I dunno.
The other is a sketch of some sort of giant or something... and is from a book, I think.

Talk to you all on Friday!! I may be a tad bit more informative by then. No promises though ;)


Chris said...

That's no man or woman, that's a GOBLIN!

Nice work. Loved that movie back in the day, should revisit it one of these days.

Alan said...

Second one's kinda Wally Wood-y.

shannon said...

Ah, Billy. You gotta love him!

Unknown said...

Wow...that's strange I was just listening to the soundtrack (Goldsmith version) before I clicked on your page.

How interesting!