Thursday, February 11, 2010


When my wife Laura suggested I draw Mary Marvel I was tempted to take my best shot at Mike Norton's interpretation of li'l Mary in Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam but decided to hold off... at least until I get a chance to read the book :)

For this sketch I took inspiration mostly from my new DC Universe Classic Mary Marvel toy (It's just friggin' adorable) and a good dose of Bob Oksner... although I could never hope to live up to anything he ever produced.

Oh, and I tossed in the big rat because I was always disappointed that a few of 'em appear on the cover of Shazam #21 but no rats actually show up in the issue.

Okay, so if you ever wondered how nerdy I am, I'm think this post has given you all a pretty good hint :/


Momar Van Der Camp said...

No worries about dorkiness. We all have our moments. I was just discussing comics with my wife, and it seems every time I do, her eyes just glaze over.

Dan C said...

Beautiful version of Mary M., Chris. Love the folds on her clothing and the rat's cape.

Alan said...

Great classic feel. Reminds me a bit of English girls comics of yesteryear, which had two-colour printing

Matt W. said...

I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy right now. That rat is awesome!

Captain Zorikh said...

I like this very much! IT actually reminds me of the Mary Marvel drawn by Bob Oksner in the 1970's "Shazam!" series. I was particularly fond of how his strategic and precise yet understated use of use of thick black lines to make Mary prettier than ever.