Friday, February 05, 2010

TORPEDO sketches and pencils

These sketches were originally done in an attempt to figure out what the cover of my next sketchbook would be. None of these made it through to the end but the bridge scene had such a Torpedo-ish vibe I couldn't help but use it for my Torpedo sketch that can be seen over on the ComicTwart blog.
Besides, it's good to recycle, right?

And here are the pencils for the sketch. Really loose so I can still have fun and draw the rest in ink.


Brian said...

Great Torpedo, Chris, really captures the cold hearted nature of the character.

Jason Folkes said...

Very Nice, sir.I'm loving it like McDonalds!

I was on Roger Langridge's blog page and he had some really nice thing to say about your art!

Matt Horak said...

Awesome. The Swamp Thing video was fantastic. I have a sketch a day going at Although now your stuff makes me feel lazy for not doing backgrounds, even if they are just "rock and foliage".

Monica said...

I lvoe it! It makes my writer's mind start working!