Tuesday, June 08, 2010

HeroesCon Sketch Round-Up!

M-11 & Jimmy Woo

Winter Soldier

Black Canary & Zatanna


Shadow Lass

Red Skull


Phantasm & Pantha

Luke Cage (done at the Comic Twart panel)

Iron Fist & Scarlet Spider

A Geisha


Fat Cobra

Elijah Snow

Dr. Mid-Night & Hourman

Dr. Doom vs. Kang

Paul Crocker & Tara Chase

Dr. Strange

Batman & Wonder Woman

Angel & Darla

Apologies for the quality of these images. Almost all were taken from my phone. If one of these sketches is yours and you can email me a hi-res scan (400 dpi or higher) to samneeart (at) gmail (dot) com, I would really appreciate it and will try to get it in my next sketchbook.

Heroes Con (as always) was a wonderful time! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the table to get a sketch, get books signed or to just chat! I appreciate your support so much.


Jason Copland said...

Amazing stuff, Chris!

Marcel said...

These are incredible!! How long do they take you?

Dan! said...

these are awesome! i especially like modok.

JC said...

Thank you for taking the time to take the pics and post--it is a blast to see your work. Am partial to the Crocker/Chace--I hear Mister Rucka may be thinking about another arc...

mattcrap said...

Really fun stuff. Thanks for snapping these off in between handing them out. It's a nice treat for those who couldn't make it to the Con

Alan said...

Fantastic. Love Jimmy Woo. And the tasty dry-brush here and there - like on Crocker's drapery.

Matt W. said...

Great series of sketches, Chris! It looks like you really got to tackle a diversity of characters and subjects, which is a real treat for me to see. It doesn't appear like you had much time to catch your breath, but I hope that it was an enjoyable weekend nevertheless.

Jason Folkes said...

Thank you so very much for the sketch for my lady.I think she likes it more than me!
We will try to get a scan to you soon.Always a pleasure to see you and Laura! Leah and I hope you the best in your move!

Drew Moss said...

you my friend are a sketchin' fool.

Awesome images

Unknown said...

whoa Awesome work.especially Fat Cobra's sketch..good job

Gigi Cave said...

I dunno which one is better, they all look so damn good!

Vic Sage said...

Those were fantastic, as always, sir! I can't really decide if I like the Hourman/Dr. Midnite the best or if M-11 and Jimmy Woo steal the prize. Hm, I'll take the middle road and say...all of them are the best!

Chibi_Celina said...

Your work is really amazing, I'm loving the Geisha one!