Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thor & Cap FCBD!!!

Yesterday, the silver books for Free Comic Book Day 2011 were announced. Among them is a new Thor: The Mighty Avenger & Cap story, written by Roger Langridge, drawn by me, and colored by Matt Wilson! Thought I'd go ahead and post the cover process. Hope you enjoy!

This FCBD issue has been in the works for a long time, way before it was announced that the series would be ending at issue 8. I hope it serves as a nice little coda for our run. (The first trade of which is available now, the second trade will be out in March.)

For the cover, I was asked to come up with an "iconic" type shot of Thor and Cap. The first two thumbnails were the choices I gave for that.

The third thumbnail was an extra option I sent along, for a cover with a little more personality. ;)

The powers that be ultimately chose thumbnail 2, which I still had a lot of fun with. Here are pencils.

And inks.

And Matt Wilson's beautiful colors!

Hope you get a chance to pick it up at your favorite comic shop in May!

EDIT: A lot of folks have commented on the great design of Cap in this cover. Just wanted to clarify that this Cap design was by Gurihiru for the upcoming Captain America: The Fighting Avenger with writer Brian Clevinger.


Dane Ault said...

The translation from pencils to ink in your work always amazes me. Great work! I look forward to some more TMA after the main series ends.

Boba Robes said...

Love the Captain America costume. Such as with Thor and everyone else you've redesigned it's simple and recognizable. Can't wait to read this.

Also I love the third thumbnail it embodies the whole reason I read Thor: TMA. It just screams, Fun, Humor, and Adventure.

Rory said...

This is my first time to leave a comment at your blog. I was so depressed when I heard about the cancellation of Thor: TMA since it's the only Thor comic that I truly enjoyed. It was a fun read, sweet and very heartwarming. I'm very happy that there will be a FCBD comic featuring Thor and Captain America. I can't wait for May to roll in.

Alan said...

Gotta say, I love that third thumbnail ;-)

Pat Bollin said...

Great take on Cap! Love your work. Thanks for the process shots. Do you ink any different when you know your work is going to color than when it's staying black and white?

Bradford said...

Great Stuff! love the simple- and yet still quite perfect Cap design. I think it wold have been well-recieved at the recent Project Rooftop Captain America redesign contest. I'm still disappointed about TMA, but keeping an eye out for your work and wish you much success.

Benny said...

Great work!

Amalia Dillin said...

I absolutely LOVED that third thumbnail. You put so much personality in your sketches--it's genius. I can see why they chose the second sketch for the cover, ultimately, if they were looking for iconic, but that third one would have had me picking up the issue at first glance even if I didn't already love Thor:TMA!