Monday, June 06, 2011


Marvel comics and Comic Book Resources each have exclusive black and white preview pages of my art from Captain America and Bucky #620!! Six pages in total.

You can peep at Marvel's exclusive preview pages HERE:

And you can gander at CBR's exclusive preview pages HERE:


j_tish68 said...

I love the page at CBR where Bucky is watching Cap on the screen. You can really see the wonder in his eyes. The shot from behind his head showing the screen is pretty darn sweet too.

Alan said...

Quite possibly some of your strongest pages.

Unknown said...

Your works inspiring me so much! I love your use of black/white. I follow you!

Jason Folkes said...

Awesome pages, I have one question though.
Are you injecting steroids into you ink or directly into your coffee? Cause your pages just get stronger and stronger, sir!

Bill Reinhold said...

Impressive work Chris! And that they previewed in B&W is super cool!