Friday, March 29, 2013

Sketches for Sale!!

The following sketches will be posted for sale in MY STORE on Monday, April 1 at 9 am CST.  Shipping will be $8 and within the US only!  (Sorry to my international friends, nothing personal, I've just had bad experiences shipping outside the US).  All sketches are on 9x12 bristol and can be personalized upon request.

Sketches are first-come first-served, please do not email me asking to save you a specific sketch.  If you do not see a sketch listed here, it is not for sale.  Thanks so much for the support!

Superior Spider-Man $175

Black Panther $175

She-Hulk $175

Daredevil $250

Wolverine $200

Dick Tracy $175

Batman and Bane $200

Superman $175

Captain America $225

Thor: The Mighty Avenger $175

Thor and the Warriors Three $250

Robin $175

Hellboy $175

Penguin $175

Daredevil $300

Wonder Woman $200

Tank (DNAgents) $150

Silver Surfer $175

Black Bolt $175

Elektra $200

Black Widow $175

Colossus and Kitty Pryde $250

Abe Sapien $175


Unknown said...

Woo-Hoo! Please don't tell anybody else about this! :)


Robert in New Orleans said...

Let the games begin!

David Au said...

Dibs on Batman!

Percy Bysshe said...