Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've still got a few con sketches from Chicago to post but I figured I'd break things up a bit, and maybe add a bit of color to the ol' blog here, with this odd Daredevil piece.
It was really just an experiment to see how loose I could get with my inks and still make them read-able. Not to mention give me a little break from sequential work for an hour or so:) It seemed fairly successful in just the B&W line art but almost as soon as it was finished I began to wonder how in the world anyone could color something this loose and have it make any sense at all... so I went ahead and added a bit of marker to try to solidify things a bit. I'm actually pretty happy with how this one turned out all things considered


laura said...

I guess one of the nice things about not paying attention to what you're working on is that sometimes I see something on your blog that suprises me. This is really gorgeous! And it reminds me of our first Valentines Day together! :)

Justin said...

That is really something. I can't wait until I get your issue of Checkmate from my online shop. I am sad to say it will be the first time I have seen your sequential art. Any chance this might be up for purchase at Mo-Kan?

Tony Shasteen said...

Man I didn't know you drop acid?!? Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Amazing effects you were able to achieve with marker-- it looks like some other, more "high brow" medium. Great gestural looseness; dig it.

Chris Samnee said...

Ha! thanks, Lu:)
Justin, I actually sold this piece within a few hours after posting. I'll bring along lots of other stuff if you want to flip through my portfolio at the show though.
Hey Tony! Oh SNAP! On acid?! Thanks?
Hey Megan, is there a medium higher brow than comics?