Friday, August 17, 2007

WW Chicago- Green Arrow

Oops, I had a new comic out on Wednesday and forgot to plug it. That is sooo not my style so...make sure you go out and pick yourself up a copy or twelve of Checkmate #17, okay? Okay.
More con sketches on Monday. Have a great weekend, folks!


Raphael J. said...

I read Checkmate #17 and you really did a great job. It was one of my favorite issues of the series and a lot had to do with your storytelling. You captured the characters well, did some great things with facial expressions, and really allowed for the story to flow well. It made me want to see you on the book regularly.

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks so much, Raphael. Really glad you liked it. I always, no matter what kind of deadline I'm under, strive to make the facial expressions and storytelling as readable and easy to understand as possible. Glad to hear it's workin':)
Hopefully this issue'll do well and I'll get another chance to work on some Checkmate, not to mention Eric and Greg who are class acts all the way).