Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goodbye, Mr. Wieringo

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that on Sunday we lost another comics great, Mike Wieringo.
I never actually met Mr. Wieringo, but I've been reading his stuff for years. After his run on the Flash I bought a short box just for his work and wrote really big on the lid with a fat Sharpie marker "Ringo". I've read and re-read his work a lot over the years, and it's been a constant source of inspiration. I had the chance to meet him this year at Heroes Con in North Carolina but I was honestly too star-struck and nervous to just walk up a start a conversation.
His work in my collection has long since outgrown that little box but I'll spend the rest of my life looking at his library of work with a smile on my face.

So long, sir. Wish I could've known you.
Condolences to his friends and family, and his cat Charlie.

See you in the funnybooks.

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