Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Back from Planet Comicon

Hey everybody, we made it back from Planet Comicon safe and sound so it's back to the drawing board!

We (that's me, my beautiful and amazingly supportive wife Laura, and art maestro of the Damned mister Brian Hurtt) had a great time out there, and with the exception of a crazy bit of weather on the ride home (thanks for being the road warrior, Lu) everything went off without a hitch.

Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who made it out to the show and stopped by me and Brian's table for sketches, comics, or a bit of nerdery:). You folks are tops!!

If anyone has scans of sketches I did for them over the weekend please send me a scan or, if you've got one, a link to your comicartfans gallery and I'll post 'em up here on the blog.

Today's sketch was done for "Doctor Fantastic". Thanks, Doc!!


Justin said...

Such a cool name (and a very nice pic) I want to be Mister Doom!

Anonymous said...

My wife would like to give Brian Hurtt a big thanks for the lightning suggestion ;)