Monday, November 19, 2007

3 min: Punisher

I had Jorge Zaffino's Punisher in my head when I did this...not that it really shows, but that's what I thinkin' of.
By the way, this'll be my first and last post of the week. I'm cracking down on another batch of pages this week to make time for Mid Ohio Con this Thanksgiving weekend.
If anyone is in the area, and aren't too stuffed with turkey to move, come on by. I'll be doing 9x12 B&W con sketches on bristol for $40 (it's an extra $20 for each additional character) and should have plenty of comics on hand, as well as a big stack of the sketches that have been up here on the blog lately for sale.
Hope to see ya there. If ya can't make it be sure to have a great Turkey Day.


Craig Zablo said...

Funny that you posted the Punisher head sketch today. My buddy, John Beatty, was at a local show yesterday doing sketches. He and Dick Giordano were the guests and both were doing head sketches.

At any rate, Beatty did a couple of Batman sketches, a couple of Cap sketches and then was asked for a Punisher. So Beatty did the guy a Punisher head sketch. When the guy picked it up he didn't seem as pleased as folks usually are when they get their sketch.

Later Beatty said to me, it was probably because a Punisher head sketch looks like an angry middle aged guy... ya gotta have the Skull or something to indicate he's the Punisher! LOL!

Still, I like your Punisher head shot.

Rich said...

Lovely piece as always man.

No one seems to be droping by my blog anymore.........
Fuck it....I like to show off okay, so please drop by sometime.