Friday, November 02, 2007

5 min: Elongated Man

I know a lot of folks favor Carmine Infantino's work on Batman or Flash or what have you but, in my opinion anyway, the best work of his career was in the back-up stories in the Flash staring Elongated Man. Especially when he managed to ink them himself. Man, I just love that stuff! I was going to go into all the reasons this stuff holds up so well to this day, but I think you just have to see if for yourself. Go pick up the Showcase Elongated Man, I can't recommend it enough.


Doctor Fantastic said...

Great job on the hair, Chris. Now where's the elongation?

Chris Samnee said...

Off camera;)

Rafa Rivas said...

I've only seen Infantino's art in the Showcase Presents: The Elongated Man trade, but I agree that it's better when he inked it himself. However, I also liked Giella a lot and I loved the way Greene did the face expressions when he was in charge of the pencilling as well.

I hope you don't mind, but I added this image to the image gallery of my Elongated Man blog, with links to this post and the main page.