Monday, November 05, 2007

Scrap Batman

I've got another week's worth of 5 minute sketches waiting in the wings but I figured I'd give everybody a little break from that sort of thing for some assorted sketches, doodles, and stuff that I've gathered together in the past week or so.
This piece here was originally just the scrap paper I had taped to my desk that I was using to get a point on my brush as I've been inking lately. After a couple of days doing this I noticed that an image was starting to form, so I went ahead and slapped down some more ink to turn it into this gritty Batman sketch.


Craig Zablo said...

Nice work... it's really cool how that came about!

brook turner said...

Wow. For just being a scrap of paper you use to get your brush going, that's a really sweet drawing. I'm enjoying these 5 minute sketches a lot. Keep 'em coming!


Chris Samnee said...

Thanks, guys:) Lots more goodies on the way!