Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Q&C Blog Matter

Okay, so it may not be on the Diamond shipping list this week but Queen & Country Vol 8 Operation: Red Panda is out today. No, for real, I have a copy lookin' at me right now. No foolin'.
Anyway, I scanned in a bunch of pages of thumbnails, sketches, designs and what-have-you to help fill out the back of the trade. I'm sure I gave them way too many options, but since all you end up with is a sketch of a bruised Tara and "Anatomy of a Cover" I figured I'd go ahead and post all the other stuff I had gathered together as options, and just post the whole lot!
Starting at the top we have pencils to inks of #32 pg1, a few candid pics of some of the cast that I thought might be cool for the roster in the back of each issue (in the issues it's just head shots for consistency's sake), #29 page 13 the most trouble with a page I've ever we've got a few self-rejected versions of that:), half a dozen or so pages of cover ideas for the trade and we wrap it all up with some thumbnails.

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Seth said...

Thanks for posting these, Chris- love 'em! The ideas poured out into the sketchbook are always my favorite part.
Trying to figure why #29 pg 13 gave you so much trouble. I guess you haven't spent as much time drunk & depressed on your bathroom floor as I have :)