Tuesday, April 08, 2008

pre-Planet Comicon: Jesse & Tulip

Here's Jesse and Tulip from Preacher. This was actually part of a Preacher sketchbook theme for the show. Check out Simon's Comicartfan gallery for the rest.
Thanks again, Simon!


Alan said...

Awesome and splendid

Chris Samnee said...

Yes you are, Alan.

And Craig, YOU are very nice:)

Travis said...

The use of negative space in this one is outstanding! (and I love that you don't "connect" the lines, DC be damned!)

Chris Samnee said...

Thanks, Travis. It's not really something that DC had to direct me to do though. It's more trying to keep whoever is coloring my stuff not pull their hair out.
Can you imagine all the time that would be wasted guessing where one line starts and stops.
This stuff is fine for sketches or B&W comics but I think it'll have to stay out of my mainstream comics work... at least until I have the time to do every job needed to make a comic:)