Monday, April 07, 2008

pre-Planet Comicon: Ralph & Sue #2

Just wanted to say thanks so much to all you folks who made it out to Planet Comicon this past weekend and took the time to come by the table to chat or pick up some sketches. I had a really great time and it just wouldn't have been the same if you all weren't so great. Thanks everybody!
Oh, and above is the second sketch I did of Ralph and Sue before the show after Laura mentioned that she thought the first one (posted last week) wasn't workin'.
Anyway, I'm planning on posting as many sketches from the show as possible so if anyone has scans I'd really appreciate it if you could send 'em my way.
Thanks again.


Momar Van Der Camp said...

Murder by Death is the best Capote movie ever. I'm intrigued by the Gage graphic novel.

Alan said...

I thought the first R&F drawing was awesome too. Had an animated feature vibe and a cute scenario. But this one is awesomer.... Sorry I'm English so i'm a bit clumsy with the word 'awesome'. It is a splendid drawing

Chris Samnee said...

Hey Dirty Man. Sigh. I think he was only in one movie... so yeah, I quess that was the best:)

Thanks, Alan. Brits don't say "awesome"?! How sad.
You're splendid, sir!