Wednesday, June 04, 2008

American Splendor

American Splendor season Two #3 is on stands today, which just so happens to have a little three pager written by Harvey Pekar and illustrated by yours truly.
I've posted this cover here before but it's just so cool looking I couldn't help posting it again. Who ever could have ever imagined seeing Kirby dots and Harvey Pekar in the same place?!

As if keeping company in an issue with the likes of Warren Pleece, Rick Geary and Dean Haspiel wasn't enough, having it all under a Darwyn Cooke cover is really an honor.

Also, for you eagle-eyed readers who dig easter eggs, the librarian role is played by the ever-lovely Mrs. Laura Samnee. Thanks, Lu. I couldn't do this withoutcha!


Momar Van Der Camp said...

As with everything I see your name attached to, I now must pick this up as well.

Congrats on the company you keep hombre. That is an awesome group of talent.

Chris Samnee said...

T'anks, Dirty. Reading the credits I kind of felt like "which one of these doesn't belong?".