Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Batman & Daredevil: thumbnails

Let's get back to posting some commission art.
Above are the thumbnails for another of my recent commissions with two of my favorite comic heroes EVER!!
Can you guess which layout we went with? No cheatin' by going to comicartfans, okay?


Alan said...

Daredevil and Batman by Samnee, Oh My... Daredevil and Batman by Samnee, Oh My.
What a combo. The thumbs look fantastic. I am plumping for either 3 or 4 and about to go to the lk and find out how wrong I am.

Alan said...

Just checked comic-fans and seen the inked version. Really stunning piece. And I can now say - honest and for true - that number 4 comp was my favourite. The cityscape is fantastic,; and Bats' cape. The commissions seem to get better and better.

Craig Zablo said...

Top right? Now to go check...
... but before I do, I really dig all of 'em!

Chris Samnee said...

Aww, you guys totally cheated.
Thanks for being interested enough to do a little sleuthing though.