Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heroes: Hawkeye & Ant-Man and DD & Elektra

The Hawkeye and Ant-Man piece is a riff on the cover of Avengers #223 ,but I pulled back a bit to show all of Hawkeye.
With the DD piece I had originally planned on having Matt and Elektra fighting in a park in the snow but I didn't want to have two pieces of people in snow (there's a SnakeEyes and Stormshadow piece in the snow that I'll stick up here soon) so I just had them tussling on a clothesline in the city.


Alan said...

Said it before, say it again. these commision pieces are getting better and better. The composition and balance of blacks in these are perfect. Loce the DD/Electra especially

Anonymous said...

The DD/Elektra piece is awesome!! It's a very welcome addition to my collection and I'll enjoy it for years to come! Highlight of the Con for me.