Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Whatever Wednesday: In the Studio

Devil Slayer#3 is starting to take shape!
I don't know if it's an oddity to keep all pages for an issue in front of me, but it really helps me to keep a flow between pages and ensure continuity for costumes and such. It definitely beats having them all in a stack sitting next to the desk, or on the floor.
Sorry not to post a larger image. I'm trying my best to keep this blog spoiler-free:)
Time to get back to the ol' drawing board (shown above).
Not shown: piles of comics, Scout (our cat) giving herself a bath, piles of CDs, lots and lots of toys and other stuff that might make you think that this is a little kid's bedroom instead of a workspace .


laura said...

also not shown: Piles of eraser shavings on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Hey, awhile back CBR was doing studio tours. Any chance you could do a full blown tour for us?