Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Super Tuesday: Crossfire

Now that Image is putting out the 452 page DNAGENTS: INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH EDITION trade paperback, here's hoping we'll also see a big collection of Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegel's Crossfire one day. Originally published by Eclipse back in the '80s, Crossfire was a really great comic. If you happen to come across any copies do yourself a favor and pick up a few. Oh, and it goes without saying that I'll be picking myself up a copy of the DNAgents trade:)

This piece had a mind of it's own! It started out as just the image of Crossfire jumping with a flat black background but i quickly realized that his arms sort of disappeared in all that ink. I decided to add the moon to make his left arm pop, but it still didn't feel quite right. Frustrated I shook up my white out pen and set to work... and half an hour later, we have buildings, lights, trees, the Hollywood sign and our hero tight-rope walking an electric line. Now I remember why I try not to use white-out!!


Alan said...

Stoopendous image. Especially when you reveal how it came to be. The whiteout must look messy on the original but in this scan it looks amazing; it creates so much depth with just a few marks out of the black, and really makes Crossfire 'pop'. If only it had a 'dutch' angle goin' on. ;)

Jonathan Valdez said...

Great job!