Friday, April 03, 2009

Gal Friday: Power Girl

Well... I did draw a few more sketches at Hurley Con, including a Dorothy from Lost Girls and a Brother Voodoo, but since I didn't get scans of them how 'bout we break things up a bit with another "Gal Friday"?
This Power Girl sketch was done for one of the fine gents who work at my local comic book store, Fantasy Shop.

Speaking of gals, please be sure to drop by Lunchnotes. It's my lovely wife Laura's blog of the notes I draw and stick in her lunch bag each day.


Alan said...

Superb cape-action and lighting.And the quick strokes to suggest folds in the boots - excellent.

And those lunchnotes are the cutest. You should try and get an animated spin-off

Matt W. said...

You know, it's the little things that really distinguish your work from so many others. The debris falling off of the boulder that Power Girl is hefting elevates this piece from a static pin-up to a dynamic portrayal. Really stunning, sir.