Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Black Lightning

I still miss the '70s style collared costume... but this one is starting to grow on me.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if a Black Lightning film is ever made that the studio manages to get Sinbad to do a cameo, or maybe reprise his role in flashback scenes:)

Funeral For a Friend. Superman s Funeral.


Alan said...

Fantastic. BL's pose is awesome -like something you might get in a king-fu movie

Alan said...

kung! fu

Matt W. said...

Ha! Thanks for that SNL blast from the past, Chris. Although not Sinbad, your Black Lightning sizzles with intensity. Kudos!

erica said...

Alex loves his commission. Thanks so much!

Ask him whose his favorites superheores right now, he'd say Black Lightning and Chris Samnee!!

We got a kick out of the SNL blast from the past! Classic stuff!! Alex kept asking why Lois keeps wanting to know where Clark was if Superman was dead :). He said "shouldn't she know- HE'S DEAD"!!!