Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BATO Week: Black Lightning

Here's another old school Outsider costume. This time with a rather seventies Black Lightning. The tweaks that Cully Hamner made to update it in Black Lightning Year One, that Jen Van Meter has been writing, are really impressive though.


Brian Jones said...

Once again I really like the way you display the lightning effect. Great energy and inks!

Matt W. said...

Yeah, not to be redundant, but you've really been nailing the lightning effect lately. Along with that Thor/Hulk piece and the Storm pin-up, your use of positive/negative space in and around the lightning trails is really potent. What's not to love about the retro Black Lightning costume...those lapels are super-fly!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am thinking of someone that has a cool lightning, energy, or kirby dots effect to have you draw at a con...your energy has been great!