Friday, February 27, 2009

BATO Week: Katana

And with Katana we bring BATO week to a close. I didn't get a chance to sketch Owl-Man, or the current costumes for the rest of the team, but here are links to a couple old sketches of Metamorpho and Halo for those of you who may not have been following my blog back then.

Have a great weekend, folks. See you again on Monday.


Doug Dabbs said...

Your black and white design is amazing. Always love your stuff.

erica said...

I like her sword, the Soultaker, action in this piece!

Another fine week!!

Brian Jones said...

Great sense of energy and movement!
Awesome way to finish the week!

Matt W. said...

Great parallel between the rising sun on her costume and the backlighting from the sun. Nice one-two punch.