Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BATO Week: Geo Force

Sure Geo-Force's brown costume is getting the love nowadays but I kinda dig the green one with the big "GF" logo. Of course brown probably suits the character better. Not to mention that it ties him to his half-sister Terra more... Hmm, maybe I sketched the wrong one after all.


Alan said...

Great job. Great anatomy

Brian Jones said...

Great pin-up and display of his powers. Hey, its not easy being green...but I dig this version too :)

Matt W. said...

This is a great pin-up of GF. I really dig the beckoning/summoning angle of his left hand and the choreography of the rocks in response. It's all gravy in any costume.

Jim said...

This is a great GF sketch, but I'm afraid I already have the best Geo-Force sketch ever done. Ever.


Thanks for reminding me of how lucky I am, Chris. I hope I didn't sound like too big of a jerk just then.