Friday, June 05, 2009

Heroes Con Sketch List - Reminder!

My pre-order sketch list for Heroes Con is quickly filling up.  If you are interested and have not yet emailed me, please do so soon so I can get you on the list.  Details here.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  If you want a sketch in your sketchbook, I CAN NO LONGER PUT YOU ON THIS LIST!  I've simply gotten too many sketchbook requests for this show.  This list is for sketches I can get done before the show.  If you want a sketch in your sketchbook, I will take them on a first come, first served basis.  I am only taking 8 sketches a day (possibly less on Sunday).  My list will start fresh each morning.  Please come see me as early as possible so I can try and get your sketchbook on my list.  Sorry for any confusion from my original post. Thanks and see you at the show! 

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