Monday, November 30, 2009


The above sketch of Harley Quinn was inspired by a marathon bout of Lego Batman where Laura and I finally managed to win a game!! Take THAT, evil-doers!!

This sketch as well as a Robin sketch are up for bid on Ebay!

The Harley Quinn auction is HERE.

The Robin auction is HERE.


MARY said...

Oooh wonderful Harley ^^
I play sometimes Batman lego too

Matt W. said...

That facial expression is priceless! I love the "Who, me?" effect as Harley looks back at the looming Dark Knight. Great concept and clever orchestration on the presentation, Chris!

Brian Jones said...

Great facial expression and I love the scene you created for her. Awesome stuff Chris :)

Dan C said...

Congrats on finishing the game. It took my boys and I forever to finish it...

Fantastic Harley, too!