Thursday, March 04, 2010

Detective Chimp and the Case of the bipedal gorilla

Sorry sketches have been a bit scattered out lately. I'm crazy-swamped with work at the moment but will do my best to still post sketches here a couple times each week.

I appreciate your patience while I get caught up. As a thank you for hanging in there I give you a sketch of a chimp in people clothes and a super-smart Gorilla.

Oh, and be sure to check out my latest sketch over on the Comic Twart Blog of Jordi Bernet's Clara De Noche. She's not nekkid, but I don't know that I'd check it out at work! ;)


Fred said...

I love it!

Jason Folkes said...

Fun sketch,great job as always sir!
We know if sketches start to be few and far between it means...Kick ASS comics are in the making!Can't wait to see what you do next!
Have you seen the cover of Seige:Embedded 2nd print #1,yet? another cover notch in your belt!
Gotta go take a cold shower after seeing your twart piece(that sounds weird)

Kimo Yancey said...

Wow. What's Grodd been walking in? The blood of his enemies of course. Way nice job.

Matt W. said...

That chimp's no chump. Great stuff, Chris, and good luck juggling all of your commitments.

Alan said...

Fantastic brushwork. Kinda Wally Wood-esque.