Thursday, February 07, 2013

Captain America

Just revisiting an old friend here with Cap. :)  If you aren't familiar with my Eisner-nominated work on Captain America, you can pick up the Captain America and Bucky trade here or at your local comic shop.  ;)

It turns out that posting a sketch of Superman yesterday was rather fortuitous, as the new Adventures of Superman series at DC was announced yesterday.

Along with a murderer's row of amazing talent, I'll be illustrating a short story written by Jeff Parker and providing the variant cover for the first issue.  Beautiful colors on the cover (and on our story) by the amazing Matt Wilson.

The full article is HERE at IGN and below is the variant cover for issue #1.


Robert in New Orleans said...

I'm excited to see you do a little work at DC and on a character I know you love.

Biggedy said...

I'm excited for your take on Superman! Good stuff!

Rasmane said...

I’m not a fan of Captain America, but I throughly enjoyed your work on that run.

Alan said...

Beee-eutiful drawing and colours

Benny said...

That is one determined Cap!